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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds New Smaller Faster Action Gameplay Map

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is going to get a third map soon. the developer of  PUBG. has shown off some art now that provided a understanding for the map design, we have now now gotten a peek at what it appears like in-online game. Player Unknowns were offered the glimpse all the way through a panel at the video game developers conference. He as a result shared it in the tweet you see under. It appears to have a more tropical than the existing maps and it has some new kind of buildings we havent seen before than most primary features out that here is a 4x4 kmm map, which is markedly smaller than 8x8 kmm measurement of  PUBG. They had up to now introduced it changed into working on a smaller island map for liberate someday this twelve months and that it.should provide you with all a whole lot more faster & quicker paced combat Royale adventure. at the time, it was noted to be launching on the notebooks Experimental server in april. The latest tweet says its due out very soon he offers no additional specifics on when avid gamers could be in a position to test the map. We additionally dont know how fast it is going to arrive on xbox one But the debut one will bump up squad sizes to eight players and raise the rate at which gamers find weapons.

Drop Shot Controller Mod For Call Of Duty

Drop Shot Controller Mod For Call Of Duty!

Drop Shot is one of my personal favorite mods (I seem to say that a lot) that we have on our controllers. I have used it in Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare and even the most recent, Call Of Duty WWII and I find I do so much better with it.

You know when you are playing Call Of Duty and you think you have an enemy, but then out of nowhere, they are on the floor, shooting at you? Well, that is what Drop Shot does. It takes away the need for you to have to press in the analog stick twice in order to lay on the floor. The moment you pull the trigger to shoot, you will be on the floor.

It makes you a much better player and I will say that it is a lot of fun to use. It is also great if you want to learn how to Drop Shot on your own as it will help you realize what are the best situations to utilize it.

Drop Shot is just one of many mods that we have on our controllers, but I would say that it is one of the best if you find yourself (no matter the version of Call Of Duty you are playing) one on one with the enemy quite often.

Ghost Recon Wildlands New Updated Patch 1.19

Ghost Recon Wildlands 1.19 patch The newest patch for Ubisoft’s ghost recon wildlands is supposed to repair a the video game’s 1.18 patch. The update isn’t ready yet for Xbox players yet but it will be coming very soon.Three new classes -  Stalker, Trapper, Guerrilla.Trapper is a Marksman that has both a passive capacity. The passive potential permanently marks downed enemies on the hud & map for all teammates to see. His lively capability lets him location knock out fuel traps from a distance damaging enemies that enter their area. Stalker - The Stalker is a Marksman has two passive advantage. Enemies beyond a certain distance will now not hear shots or see any sound markers. The enemies marked by the Stalker do not get hold of any notification as long as no other players marks them. These abilities allow the Stalker to quietly follow their prey from lengthy range before silently taking them out.Guerrilla - The Guerrilla is a support class using a drone that  shoots smoke grenades. All gamers interior of the smoke radius are unmarked which means they develop into unmarked in the event that they were marked and additionally drones aiming or binoculars can not mark them. The smoke has many tactical uses. Two New Maps Refinery - This manufacturing facility is the greatest cocaine lab in bolivia.With large defender area and numerous pathways this map permits for distinct gameplay and extraction tactics.Cliffside - Once a riot stronghold, this village is now beneath the watch of the Santa Blanca. With many snipping vantage features this map offers new tactics for extraction mode.

Sniper Breath Mod Makes Being A Sniper Easier And More Fun

Sniper Breath Mod Makes Being A Sniper Easier And More Fun

Playing as a sniper is something I have always struggled with in games from Halo to Call Of Duty, I always take too long to take my shot and most of the time will miss! Well, one of the best mods that we have here for our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers at Mods “R” Us is Sniper Breath.

I can tell you personally that this is a mod that I use quite often in Call Of Duty, especially in Call Of Duty Black Ops III and I plan on using it in Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII too!

The problem with Sniper Breath is that in most games, you have to press in one of the analog sticks, doing this along with aiming can be really hard, awkward and just generally annoying. With the Sniper Breath mod activated, all you need to worry about is pulling on that trigger and Sniper Breath will be activated right away.

It honestly makes sniping an enemy so much easier and much more fun. Plus I have found that this has actually made be a better player in general as thanks to this mod, I have gotten much better at knowing when to take my shot, so I even play without Sniper Breath activated and have found that I am much better at using sniper rifles in general now.

Our modded controllers have a ton of great mods and while most people will be interested in things like quick scoping, fast reload, faster shooting and so on. A mod like Sniper Breath is a great way not to just give you an edge in battle, but make you a better sniper in general.

Quick Scope Your Way To Victory With Our Controller Mods

Sniper Quick Scope Your Way To Victory!

Over the next few days, we are showcasing some of the cool mods that our Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers have and today we are looking at one that has personally saved my butt and made my life easier on many occasions, Quick Scope!

Quick Scope is awesome as it allows you to basically run and gun around a map with a sniper rifle! You can quickly pull your sniper rifle out as if it were a regular gun and shoot a guy at point blank range without having to go into the scope which as you know those extra couple of seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Our Quick Scope Mod on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is really neat in that you can actually pick how quick you want the shot to happen. So you can have a play around and find which setting works best for your play style.

There is just something so cool about taking an enemy down with a Quick Scope close range sniper rifle shot. With how powerful a sniper rifle is in pretty much every Call Of Duty game (and every other shooter game for that matter) when you do Quick Scope an enemy 99/100 you are going to be doing a one hit kill which is pretty awesome.

While most people will be using Quick Scope for close range kills, if you are like me and are just horrible at using a sniper rifle, you can use it so that you can quickly do a sniper shot from distance.

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